Esthetic dentistry

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A beautiful smile and harmonious facial esthetics are important elements that contribute to the well-being of any person. It’s easy to lose your self-confidence when you’re unhappy with your smile.

The esthetics of the smile refers to the shape, texture, color and alignment of teeth as well as to soft intraoral tissues, lips and facial esthetics. An important goal of esthetic treatment is that the end result should be as close as possible to the patient’s expectations, improving facial esthetics and smile.

Esthetic dentistry

  • Digital Smile Design
  • Dental and periodontal prophylaxis/prevention
  • Professional teeth whitening
Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design (DSD) provides support for integrating specialties such as cosmetic and restorative dentistry, periodontics, implantology, orthodontics, etc.

DSD offers a multidimensional conceptual approach to cosmetic dentistry. This system promotes the use of highly effective visual perceptions (digital photos and videos), education and motivation to enhance communication between you and the team of specialists, and similarly enhances the integration of other dental specialties involved in procedural planning and execution. This systematic approach is widely used at Grandismedozon Clinic.

What is Digital Smile Design?

The essence of the whole concept is based upon the analysis of the patients facial and dental proportions, utilising a predetermined series of high-quality digital photographs and videos understanding the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion. Moving on, after the evaluation, diagnosis and planning – the implementation of the unique treatment process for your specific case takes place.

The benefits of using DSD

Analysing the photos and videos compiled for your unique case – all these will give Grandismedozon’ specialists a clear understanding of the interconnections and dynamic movement between teeth, gums, lips and smile.

Essentially, the full spectrum of your emotions will reveal themselves through unique facial features. This is truly amazing and makes you wonder if there is a limit to creativity and innovation in the fascinating world of high-tech dentistry!

Dr. Andrei Pirgari explains: “The unique design created by us in each particular case can be clearly visualised and even improved by contribution and ideas of the patient, and we strongly encourage that”.

If you want a perfect and natural smile that suits you perfectly, think about veneers, or cosmetic dental implants for the entire mouth. The DSD protocol, successfully applied at Grandismedozon Clinic, will meet your expectations beyond the limits of conventional dentistry and can help you get a better result and a confident smile.

Therefore, together with our specialists you can be the co-creator of your smile that perfectly reflects your personality and image. Put in a few words, DSD esthetic dentistry is high-tech and long lasting!

Dental and periodontal prophylaxis/prevention

We are all aware of the popular saying that “it is much easier and cheaper to prevent than to treat”, translated into the field of dentistry, it is done through dental prophylaxis.

Dental prevention is the first and most important step in the care of your teeth. This healthy habit should start from your childhood, and continue throughout your entire life. Prophylaxis prevents the occurrence of dental disease and complications in existing ones.

It is difficult for the patient alone and in due time, without proper medical care, to realize that he/she has a dental condition (cavities, periodontal disease). You do not have to wait for the pain to bring you to a dental office. Through early treatment of any dental condition and by using minimally invasive treatment methods, you will be relieved of the inconvenience caused by dental pain, bleeding gums, unpleasant mouth odor, and more advanced dental mobility situations leading to early teeth loss.

Professional prophylaxis procedures include:

  • Dental check-ups every 6 months, through which the dentist evaluates the condition of the teeth, gums and the entire mouth. The patient will receive up-to-date information and recommendations for achieving as accurately as possible an individual home care through daily dental hygiene and healthy eating. Tooth brushing should be individually tailored for each patient with appropriate brushes and pastes depending on the morphology of the periodontium and its health condition.
  • Tooth brushing should be done for 3-5 minutes, twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) and it should be supplemented with auxiliary means: dental floss, interdental brush, mouth shower, oil pulling.
  • Professional cleaning and removal of plaque by ultrasonic scaling, professional brushing and Air flow – all these are prophylactic methods able to remove bacterial plaque, dental plaque and unsightly stains on the teeth surface.
  • Dental sealing cavities to prevent cavities.
  • Advice for preventing the wear of your teeth and bruxism by means of avoiding vicious life-style habits or involuntary actions.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation to address deficiencies

Dr. Andrei Pîrgari explains: “It is very important to understand that oral health plays an extremely important role in the overall well-being of the body

Professional teeth whitening

We all want perfect teeth and a bright smile, and this can be achieved easily with affordable and effective ways. ZOOM whitening treatment is recommended and supervised by the specialist and minimizes stress and the risks to patients, ensuring teeth whitening with up to nine shades in 60 minutes.

How is ZOOM whitening done?

A whitening session with ZOOM consists of: presentation of the procedure by the dentist, photos before and after the procedure, isolation of soft tissues and application of the gel, which is the bleaching procedure itself. The process requires a dental cleaning, ultrasound scaling and Airflow brushing, to prepare the teeth.

The main ingredient of the special bleaching gel is hydrogen peroxide. It is applied to the tooth enamel on its vestibular face and under the action of ZOOM plasma lamp it releases oxygen, which cleans the inner teeth enamel.

The application of the ZOOM gel is done in 4 sessions of 15 minutes. ZOOM whitening is a comfortable procedure for the patient due to the minimal heat generation and protection provided to soft tissues. In addition, continued medical attention eliminates any complications that may occur in the short or long term, as it is often happening with home bleaching. The effects of whitening can be instantly noticed, and depending on the patient’s eating habits, they can resist up to a few years after the whitening is done.

At the end of the whitening process, the patients are given FREE protection creams and substances for home care, which are applied on the teeth to reduce sensitivity and to protect them from food coloring.

Is teeth whitening for everyone?

Teeth whitening is recommended to any healthy person over the age of 16, because until that point the tooth pulp is developing and there is a risk of irritation or increased sensitivity. Spectacular bleaching results can be obtained especially when there are yellow spots due to the aging of the enamel, smoking, coffee and wine or other food colorants.

Like any whitening product, ZOOM will not whiten opaque materials such as porcelain, composite or acrylic.

In the case of patients with dental diseases that occur during the period of formation and development of dental tissues: hypoplasia, hyperplasia, developmental anomalies and eruptions; tooth color changes, gray spots from Tetracycline treatment or other medications. In these cases we strongly recommend the use of dental veneers, instead of teeth whitening.


Teeth bleaching should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers, patients receiving treatment for serious illness or condition, patients with light sensitivity, or taking photosynthetic drugs, or even homeopathic treatment. However, if you wish to do this, please ask your dentist beforehand, who will recommend the best strategy to follow, depending on your needs.

The benefits of ZOOM are obvious: it is an easy procedure, it acts rapidly with great results in only 60 minutes, decreased teeth sensitivity due to low H2O2 concentration (only 25%) and perfect soft tissue protection.

For patients whose teeth remain hypersensitive to hot and cold food or citrus fruits, even after a few days after the procedure, we recommend to apply special creams with bio-available sources of calcium and phosphate without fluoride. Immediately after the whitening procedure it is recommended to avoid consumption of intensely colored products such as coffee, tobacco, tea, red wine or chocolate, which may affect the porous structure of the tooth.

Safety: Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a Zoom trained and accredited dentist not only gives you the whitest teeth, it’s also very safe. Actually, most signs of significant enamel deterioration associated with bleaching products have been reported in cases of bleaching at home or uncontrolled by the dentist. Professional whitening should not be done every year because the effects on the enamel are cumulative and thus excessive use of bleaching products is not necessary.


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Copyright © 2020 Grandismedozon. All rights reserved.